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Fuel pellets (wood pellets)

Wood pellets (pellets) are heating fuels made from compressed biomass: sawdust, wood chips and other wood waste. Raw materials (sawdust, bark, etc.) first pass through a hammer mill to provide a uniform dough-like mass. The mass is fed to the dryer and then to the pellet press, where the wood flour is compressed into pellets. The high pressure of the press causes the temperature of the wood to increase greatly, wood resin is released from the wood particles, which works as a natural "glue" that holds the particles in dense cylinders as it cools. The production of one ton of pellets takes 4-5 cubic meters of wood waste. The finished pellets are cooled, packed and delivered to the consumer. Pellets - environmentally friendly fuel with an ash content of no more than 1.5%. The combustion of pellets emits as much CO2 as was absorbed by the plant during its growth. Pellets are distinguished from the ordinary wood by high dryness (8-12 % against 30-50% of moisture in firewood) and density, which is 1.5 times higher in pellets. These qualities provide a high calorific value in comparison with chips or wood - when burned 1ton of pellets generates about 5 thousand kWh of heat, that a half times more than conventional wood.
Pellets are divided into industrial (dark) and domestic (light).
Domestic (light) pellets are used for heating homes by burning in small boilers (boilers Pellets), stoves and fireplaces. These pellets usually have a diameter of 6-8 mm and a length of less than 50 mm., with ash content 0.5%, packed in sacks of 15-30 kg. stacked on a pallet or in bags (big bags) of 800-1000 kg.
Industrial (dark) pellets with an ash content of 1.5% are burnt in boilers of high capacity to produce heat and electricity for towns and industrial enterprises. Industrial pellets could be of a larger diameter. Shipping of the pellets is executed by rail in bulk grain cars (Chopra) in batches of 50 tons under the terms of DAF - Belarus border or by road in bags (big bags) of 800-1000 kg. under the terms FCA - warehouse of the Seller.

Specifications for solid fuel

Parameter Symbol Unit of measure Content Standard
Moisture of fuel as received Wp % 7,2 State Standard 27314-91
Analytical moisture content Wa 2,3
Ash-content of dry fuel Ac % 1,5 State Standard 11022-95
Analytical ash content Aa 1,5
Working sulfur content Sp % 0,03 State Standard 2059-95 State Standard 8606-94
Analytical heat value according to bomb calorimeter Q kJ/kg 19680 State Standard 147-95
Kcal/kg 4700
Analytical high heat value Q kJ/kg 19650 State Standard 147-95
Kcal/kg 4690
Working high heat value Q kJ/kg 18670 State Standard 147-95
Kcal/kg 4460
Heat value net as received Q kJ/kg 17250 State Standard 147-95
Kcal/kg 4120
Fuel equivalent Ef - 0,59

Delivery of the product to the warehouse of the consumer is executed by the transport of the company "Yunilog" LLC.

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