Solid biofuels

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Solid biofuels

Today there is growing interest in renewable energy in many countries all over the world, that is connected with continuously declining reserves of fossil fuels, the desire of many countries to liberate energy sources from the political situation.
In addition, energy, based on traditional fuels, leads to a significant environmental degradation associated with gas emissions that lead to the greenhouse effect. That’s why now the question about sing alternative energy sources raises acutely.
Among them fuels derived from wood waste should be identified to a special category: pellets and briquettes - pressed products from wood waste (sawdust, wood chips, bark, forest residues during harvesting), straw, agricultural wastes (husk of sunflower, walnut shell) and other biomass. The consumption of these fuels is growing every year, and resources for their production are almost limitless.
In the manufacture of fuel briquettes (euro-firewood) and pellets no chemical fixers and glue are used, as a result of pressing under very high pressure natural adhesive (lignin) that binds the particles is released from the wood.
Pellets and briquettes are much more environmentally friendly than traditional fuels: carbon dioxide emissions into the air space is 10-50 times lower, have a high calorific alue (1,5 times higher than wood has and is comparable to coal). This type of fuel forms a small amount of waste during combustion (1-3%, 15-20 times less than coal.), which can be used as fertilizer since there is almost no sulfur in make-up of the substance.
Thus, the wood pellets and briquettes are energetically stable, waste-free, renewable and environmentally friendly biofuels.
The company "Unilog" sells high-quality biofuels from waste wood with delivery by own transport to any country in Western Europe. We cooperate with the biggest manufacturers of fuel pellets and briquettes in the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation. We guarantee high quality products and punctual delivery.

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