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Fuel briquettes

Wood briquettes do not include any harmful substances, including adhesives. Specially pressed under high pressure and at high temperature, the briquettes have a rectangular brick shape (RUF-briquettes). The briquettes have wide application and could be used for all types of furnaces, central heating boilers, wood boilers, etc., the briquettes are perfectly suitable for burning in fireplaces, stoves, grills and so on. The big advantage of briquettes is the constancy of temperature during combustion for 4 hours.
A positive aspect of using wood briquettes as a fuel is their minimal impact on the environment compared to the classical solid fuel with the same calorific value, such as coal, briquettes are characterized by a 15 times less ash content (max 1.0%).
The technology of production of wood briquettes is the process of pressing wood waste (sawdust) under high pressure upon heating, lignin contained in plant cells works as gluing substance.
Fuel briquettes from sawdust are popular and more economical fuel, and used in many countries around the world.
175 kg of our wood briquettes are equal in heat transfer to 1 m3 of dry birch wood.
Packages with briquettes are stacked on pallets, wrapped with stretch film and polypropylene straps. 1 package = 12 pieces of briquettes (10 kg), 96 packages per pallet = 960 kg. Its storing takes ~ 1 m2 of the surface.
The briquettes could be stored on the street, sheltered from precipitation. Fuel briquettes are pressed and therefore require substantially less storage space, moreover, a high density prevents the penetration of moisture inside and rotting, so they can be stored indefinitely. In order to kindle the fuel briquettes a small amount of kindling or lighter fluid is needed. Two or three briquettes in the fireplace is usually enough to warm the room and create a home atmosphere of coziness. The briquettes burn with beautiful steady flame, spreading the smell of wood. After burning nice coals remain, which retain heat for a long time.
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